Sunday, June 7, 2009

Making a New Front Turn Signal Bracket

I really don't know how I busted the signal light off. I mean, I don't remember hitting it... but we did hit some pretty rough stretches of highway during the 'Ride for Eternity' rally. I can only assume it was due to the beating the bike took that weekend.

Before we get started, a shout out to Jeff (from XL-forum) and all the guys who were wondering about how I made my signal bracket.
All right, lets get at er'.

Hmmm, where can I find some steel to fab a new bracket. I'll just look around the garage to see what's available... hey, who says bikers don't recycle.

Perfect! The tray from this old tool box will do. The steel is just the right thickness, and that means no cash out of my pocket... even better!

I used the old bracket as a template to measure the new piece.

Base holes drilled, lets see if she fits. Looks bout' right.

Alittle bump and grind.

Bend the ends in the vice.

Another test fitting. The bent ends leave me with lots of room, so it's back to the bench.

Drill some holes in the bracket ends and we're almost there. Nice.

A little more sanding, then paint er' up and let it dry.

Time to attach the signals. As you can see the bracket is wide enough that it wraps around the frame, and there's ample room for the bolt.

It's like it came that way from the factory (not)!

Rightie tightie time.

(For a closer view click on picturer)

Again... lots of room on the other side as well.

You know... I still might paint the signal housings black. Ah, I'll leave em' till' the winter. Ridin' seasons too darn short.

We're done and ready to hit the streets. Lets go scare some grannies and set off a few car alarms.


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