Monday, June 1, 2009

I Wear my Sunglasses at Night

Wow, I dropped some serious cash on sunglasses this past weekend.

I bought these; Harley-Davidson Profile Goggle.

They're are a combination of sunglasses & goggles. The goggle portion is detachable so you can wear them as regular shades when you're not riding.

First let me explain why I parted with a couple of C-notes, Sir Robert Borden's, or in the States... Ben Franklin's.

I wear corrective contact lenses, have pretty much all my life.

I have lost a lens (three to be exact) while riding and let me tell you it's not very much fun riding with one eye, all but closed, because you can't see a thing. I have tried almost every type of sunglasses on the market. Aviators, wrap-around, wayfarer, sports frames and impact resistant construction glasses... they didn't stop the wind (not that I expected miracles). I've also bought expensive ones as well, including: Ray-Ban and Serengeti, but they also proved ineffective.

I didn't want to buy a pair of goggles, that just ain't my style! But I saw these goggle frames on the market a year ago and wondered if they'd be any good.

So naturally, I flipped open the Mac and did a little research. Once I came across this article by MotorcycleUSA (and this review of the 'Profile' goggles) I decided they're the ones for me. I've added a link if you're interested.

I found this article comparing the three main brands (goggle / sunglasses) made by three different companies. They didn't necessarily like Harley's entry but to each his own. You can read the article by clicking on the link below.

Here's a closer look. Mine are black (they look like big bug eyes here but the fit is incredible) and I love the fact the stems wrap around the ear. Very comfy!

Some background from H-D on the Harley-Davidson Profile Goggles:

A convertible goggle with custom lenses and patented mid-frame foam that seals out the elements. Goggles convert easily to sunglasses with the simple removal of the mid-frame. Other styles include interchangeable clear lenses for night riding.

UV protection. Includes goggle leash for secure fit, hard case and microfiber bag.

I can't believe how well this Enhanced Vision System (EVS) works. To reiterate, I have owned some pricey shades (Sarengeti included) but these H-D goggles might just be one of the best pair I've owned. They are unbelivabley clear as the ad says, your field of vision doesn't seem to be compromised because of the foam goggle style inserts. Comfortable, clear and stylish... what am I a frick'n H-D commercial? Hey, all I know is they do what they're supposed to do and you get a lot of sunglasses for your buck. Nuf' said!

I love them but I can't believe I spent more, or at least as much, on my shades as I did customizing my bike.

Yikes... don't tell my ol' lady.

Ace ♠

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