Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The 1983 Motörhead T-Shirt

I was chatting with a buddy of mine when he asked me about "The Shirt". For those who don't know, it's a Motörhead t-shirt of mine that I wore religiously to any and all events... even some weddings, funerals and my graduation (under a dress shirt of course).

I didn't really want to write a post about a freakn' t-shirt... but apparently it's garnered some-what of a mythical status over the years.

So, here she is.

The year was 1983 and it's was my final year of high school. I was 17 years old, and had travelled into the big city to buy some albums, when I saw this shirt for sale. I liked it because it didn't say England on the front (no offense) and there was nothing on the back. The best thing about it was the fact no one else had one like it, so I had to have it.

I've worn this t-shirt to every Motörhead concert I've attended ( as well as Iron Maiden, Venom, Slayer, Judas Priest, AC/DC, Accept) except one... and yes I do regret not wearing it. Here's the story behind why I didn't wear it.

The last time I saw Motörhead was April 22, 2005 (so they're due to make a visit here soon) it was the tale end of the 'Inferno' tour. I received a 'Stone Deaf Forever' shirt from my friend T.K. as a birthday gift that March and decided to break it in by wearing it to the show.

Of course my buddy Len (whom I profiled in the 'Gone but Not Forgotten' post) was bragging to our mates before I arrived that I had a shirt that was older than some of the people attending the show and had worn to every concert. As soon as I arrived the first thing he says is "did you wear the '83 shirt?" Right then I knew I screwed up. Never break with tradition... and yes the boys never let me forget it.

At the concert I saw a radio disc-jockey and she mentioned she liked my shirt and asked where I got it. I told here the story behind it and she asked if she could talk about it on the air. I thought, sure... that's cool!

I can't believe how it has withstood the test of time. Multiple washings and of course the wear and tear of every day life. The colour is still vibrant. The shirt itself has a small rip in the neck but otherwise is still in pretty good shape.

As you can see in this snap, the logo is now a little off kilter. The reason... too many nights (after way too many beers) of sleeping on the couch.

And here's proof. There's me (I'm camera shy) with Lemmy and Len. This was after a concert in 2000. That jean jacket was signed by Lemmy. Here it is below. You'll notice I've since cut the sleeves off.

Here is the shirt and jacket together. Ahhh, a match made in heaven.

I don't know if you've ever asked Lemmy for an autograph, but when I did... I asked him to draw a spade as well.

He said "What do you think I am.. a frick'n artist?" But he did draw the spade... so this signature is quite unique.

Low and behold... what did I find in the left chest pocket? The mini-flyer's that a local night club was handing out advertising the show. I forgot I even had it. Nothing all that special, just a 9-year old piece of paper, right. Wrong!

Ticket price: $65.00
Booze: $150.00(plus)
Taxi: $25.00
Seeing Motörhead with the boys,
Lemmy signing my jacket
and wearing the '83 shirt':


Ace ♠

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