Monday, July 13, 2009

No Sleep till' Italy

It's non-stop Rock!

As the song 'We are The Road Crew' goes... Motörhead has "another Europe map to learn". Lemmy and the boys wrapped up the Rock AM Bach Open Air Concert in Germany on Saturday July 11.

Dan Griffith took these shots of Lemmy.

The night before Motörhead headlined the Guilfest festival held on Friday July 10 in Guilford, England.

The three day music fest (held in Stoke Park near Guildford) has been running since 1992. All of these pictures are from the Guilfest concert.

Photos courtesy Dan Griffith

Dan has more shots of Lemmy and the boys in his gallery at at his Flickr site. I just thought you might appreciate a little peek.

Just enough time for one last Marlborö before the roadies pack up the bus and hit the highway. Rome is next, as the band makes three stops in italy.

Ace ♠

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