Sunday, July 19, 2009

How to Prolong the Life of Your Concert Shirt

Fill a large to medium sized container with cold water.
Then add about a 1/2 cup or so of table salt.

Some people use rock salt, but I don't know if there is a difference. I've been using table salt on my shirts for twenty six years and they seem to hold up just fine (refer to post: The 1983 Motörhead T-Shirt).

Then just mix the salt and water to dissolve the salt granules.
Place the shirt (or shirts) in the tub.
Make sure they're good and soaked. And keep mixing the water, salt and shirts for a few minutes to make sure the salt has completely dissolved.

There's the new Snaggletöoth War Pig. Never worn, straight into the tub.

I'll add some more salt because I soaking two shirts.

My daughters gave me a West Coast Choppers 'CFL' long sleeve shirt for fathers day.

Yup... screw the neck ties, they know how to
win their way into the ol' man's heart.

Better check to see if there's too much salt. Consistency & viscosity looks fine. Oh, the Lemmy salute. That's for you Jay!

You should leave the shirts in the tub for a few hours (three to five) and let the water/salt mixture do it's job.
All right let's rinse these puppies.

And take them down to the washing machine.

Wash on normal or delicate.

But the most important, other than never letting the ol' lady know you know how to do laundry, is wash the shirts in COLD water.

Then let hang dry or put it on a towel. I'll let it dry a little, then I'll throw it in the dryer at low temp with other stuff. I repeat the salt process once every six to eight months.
Hey don't think this is a good idea... here's how instructs customers to wash their shirts.

Yup, it's similar to my instructions. Or check out this response on the Yahoo Answers page.

Smiley asks a question about a tie dyed shirt but the answer deals with preserving a shirts colour and preventing it from bleeding into other garments.

I would ignore the last comment on the page about putting it in your mouth and spitting... but go ahead if you want.
On second thought, if your main squeeze sees you spitting in the laundry room you'll be banned from ever washing again, I say... Spit away!! .
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