Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Phil Campbell's Guitars up for Sale

I know what I want for Christmas.

I was looking for parts for my bike on eBay, and while I was there I did a quick search for Motörhead stuff (as usual) and look what I found!!!

(click on picture for a link to the guitars on eBay)

A music store, Crane Musical Instruments, is selling 2 official signed Motörhead guitars that were owned by Phil Campbell.

(click on picture for a link to the guitars on eBay)

The guitars are both Gretsch Electromatics.

Along with the guitars you get a photo CD documenting the signing session in the studio as well as a giant guitar pick (both signed by Phil).

This is the only picture I could find of Phil playing a 'Flying V' guitar. I'm not sure if it's the one that's up for sale or not. A more qualified person than I, will have to make that determination.

Here are some other pics of Phil with the axes he's wheeled over the years.

Here's a shot of Mikkey Dee putting Sharpie to wood.

This isn't the first time Motörhead has sold and or auctioned off a guitar. The band had these Signed Guitars, Limited Edition of 20, up for sale on for the price of $699 bucks.

They were Epiphone guitars personally signed by all three members. It was described as a very limited series of 20 guitars that were all signed during the band's recent US tour in support of the Motörizer album.

Each guitar in the series has a special plaque affixed to the back that lists it's number in the series. The guitar also comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Here's a great interview with Phil from the website 'Motörhead Forever' Written by Phil Anderson.

Lemmy with pen in hand about to scratch his John Henry.

This guitar was apparently part of Campbell’s personal collection.

I found this site, TC Ellis Guitars, that has done a lot of customized work for Phil among others.

is the caption from the eBay ad.

"Who would dare to dream that in their mortal hands you could hold the very axe wielded and indeed intimately fondled no doubt by the Lords of metal themselves? "

Fondled huh? You know Santa, I can't really afford these guitars I'll just have the usual.. a lump of coal please in the shape of a spade.

Ace ♠


Anonymous said...

I have the Gretchen and no. 14 of 20 on the Epiphone and. So happy to have them. Especially yToday. RIP Lemmy

Anonymous said...

Oops... Gretch