Sunday, July 12, 2009

Videos from the Motörizer Tour

Motörhead is touring behind its 24th studio album 'Motörizer', which has been out for almost a year (it was released August 08').

Here are some recent videos of the tour. On July 2nd the boys played in Bucharest, Romania at the 'B'est Fest'. As you'll see in this TV spot promoting the show and ticket sales, Lemmy talks about how it's the bands first trip to Romania.

Enjoy kids!

The band has spent much of this past year touring internationally. How old is Lemmy... like 63! Holy crap, he's is a frickn' machine! And of course this is year 25 for Phil.

IMPORTANT: Before you push play on the video below refer to the post entitled 'The Ace of Spades Rule' from June 16th.

Or this guy might pay you a visit!

Right now they're in Europe and the UK until the end of the month and then they'll rip the sh*t out of the State and Canada (but still have more European and UK performances to close out the year).

Looking forward to the forthcoming tour, Kilmister said: 'Here we are again boys and girls, come and get your fu**in' head blown off!'

However, in this next video the blokes who went to the show apparently didn't see that quote. The crowd shot seems some what tame (mind you it's off to the side)... but the sound isn't all that bad.

Yup.. Polo & dress shirts, sweaters and apparently stripes are back - in a big way!

This next video is from March 6th in Dubai, UAE at the 'Desert Rock Festival'. Again it's another first for Motörhead.

The British trio's trek to America will kick off August 28 at 'First Avenue' in Minneapolis and continue through October 9 at the 'House of Blues' in Las Vegas.

The Minny date may be my only chance to see the band this year... can you say road trip!

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