Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Petagno Paints his last Snaggletooth

POST UPDATE: All Artwork featured here is copyright by J.Petagno.

It's time to pay tribute to an incredible artist/painter, and give well deserved props to a man who's been truly instrumental in Motörheads success.

Joe Petagno (as you may have already heard) has painted his last Snaggletöoth for the band. Known as the 'Master of Armageddon', Petagno met Lemmy Kilmister in 1975.

Joe designed the distinctive fanged-face 'Snaggletöoth' for the band's 1977 'Motörhead' album.

He continued to design the majority of the album and single sleeve covers for Lemmy and the boys.

As most people know, Joe came up with the idea of using a dog/gorilla hybrid, with wild over sized boar tusks.

(Here are some of Joe's other paintings of Snaggletöoth.)

copyright J.Petagno

copyright J.Petagno
But what many people don't know, is Lemmy also played a role in creating the Hellish beast.

copyright J.Petagno

He piped up and wanted to add the helmet with spikes & chains (and apparently iron cross necklace and the human skull - and possibly the drool and spit).

copyright J.Petagno
The result... one of the most recognizable, bad ass band logos in the history of music. I mean who doesn't know the Snaggletöoth (also known as the War pig or Hell dog or the bastard), wicked stuff! Alright... maybe that was an overstatement, but you know what I mean.

Joe is also a published author. His book 'Orgasmatron, The Heavy Metal Art of Joe Petagno' features his extensive line of mayhem from the underworld.

Here's a review (not the greatest resolution) of the book by Shana Ting Lipton.

It's foreword by Lemmy, with an introduction by Steffan Chirazi. The book covers his work with Hipgnosis. And it covers some of the designs he did for other bands like Led Zepplin
and Pink Floyd. It also contains reproductions of paintings on display in Denmark. Joe is also known for designing several science fiction book covers.

Joe Petagno appeared in a rare interview on the bonus DVD when Motörhead re-issued their Inferno album as a 30th Anniversary Birthday Edition.

copyright J.Petagno

Let's not forget about other products and merchandise designed by Petagno.

One of his coolest commissions (in my opinion) may be the illustrations he did for a deck of playing cards. They're called 'The Deck of Death'.

Freakn' awesome!

He also has his Whiteline clothing line, featuring Snaggletöoth.

This shirt, number two of four featuring Snaggletöoth, is called the 'Devils Own'.

And this special limited edition, (1000 shirts) of the Snaggletöoth War pig, 'Never Say Die' tee.

Between me, you and a fence post I have one of these babies on order. I wonder if they come in plaid?

Ace ♠

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