Friday, July 31, 2009

Hunter Fest

There are conflicting reports about Motörhead playing in Poland at Hunter Fest. This was posted in Motörhead forums on their official website. However, the following post in the latest news section confirms the bands appearance on July 25/09.

I do know a number of bands pulled out because they say they weren't paid. Apparently the promoters knew better than to mess with Motörhead, the baddest frickn' band on the planet.

Here's some videos I've found online, so I can only assume they played the Fest and these polish fans obviously enjoyed the show at the Mazury Airport.

Here are a few more vids that are of surprisingly good quality. The video is especially good. The following were posted on YouTube by hellkommander. He requested the videos not be embedded, so click on the pics for a link.

'In The Name of Tragedy'

'Over The Top'

'Going to Brazil'

(I had a little trouble linking his various videos to the pics, but you get the idea. Just check out his posts they're pretty good.) And finally, this is Motörhead's set list from the show at Hunter Fest according to (the set list wiki). For a band that supposedly wasn't playing Hunter Fest, they sure rocked that venue!

Here's a Polish drinking toast: Nie ma brzydkich kobiet, tylko sa trzezwi meszczyzni.

Translation: No such thing as ugly women, just sober men.

Ace ♠

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