Saturday, August 1, 2009

A little Respect for Mikkey Dee

I don't remember the last time I began an argument for the sake of arguing. Hold on, yes I do... it was last night! Maybe I was just crunk. Ya... there's no maybe about it.

I continually interjected the virtues of Motörhead into conversations and forcibly included Mikkey Dee's name amongst our list of best drummers ever. Don't get me wrong he's damn good, even better than that, but being a Canuck my heart lies with Neil Peart.

Mikkey credits Pert as a musician who influenced him and his career. Many regard Neil as the best drummer... period.

You certainly will not get an argument from me, I couldn't agree more.

I will say this however, I would refer to Neil as an 'artist' and Mikkey as one of, if not the best heavy metal skin smashers on the planet. Technically perfect, loud, fast and ferocious as hell (remember this blog is dedicated to everything Motörhead).

The only other drummer that came up in the conversation of note was Tommy Lee. I think it was for no other reason than his hydraulic lifting/spinning drum kit.

Yes, yes I know... there are so many more names, so many more talented and incredible drummers in the world from Jazz, to big band and all the greats in rock and metal... I don't even know where to begin. So I won't.

Again we were crunk to the max, I still have a head-chew. Here's Mikkey's bio in Wikipedia.

I really didn't want to do this because I just don't think it's fair. But for arguments sake (because I started this mess with my big mouth) here are drum solos from Mikkey and Neil. Why is it not fair? IMO all that is Rush is built around Neil. As for Mikkey, all that is Motörhead is built around Lemmy. Agree?!?

I just feel for the boys because I think those in the biz, and I'm talkin' record big wigs, main-stream media and the GP out side of metal don't give Motörhead any respect. It's all about Lemmy (and understandably so) his longevity and lifestyle.

Need more on Mikkey... here's a great interview by Marko Syrjala for

Here's one last site for ya, 100 most influential drummers in the world. Check the Rock section, there is no mention of Mik. Oh well, as the saying goes "we all walk to the beat of a different drummer", mine just happens to include dual bases.

Ace ♠

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