Sunday, May 24, 2009

Motörizer Widgetizer

IMPORTANT: If you want to shut off the music - click on 'play album' and push pause.

This Motörizer widget has been out for a while but I thought it was pretty cool and wondered how many people had a chance to see this newer technology and promotional tool used by record companies. If you don't own the new CD 'Motörizer', you can preview all the songs using the widget.

Between you and me (and a few million on the web) I'm really likin' 'Teach you How to Sing the Blues' & 'English Rose' more and more. Give them a listen, but be ready for a new sound from the boys. It's not your typical Motörhead stuff. It reminds me of the album 'Another Perfect Day' and the tune they did for the movie 'Airheads' - 'Born to raise Hell'.

The tracklisting for "Motorizer" is as follows:

1. Runaround Man

2. Teach You How To Sing The Blues

3. When The Eagle Screams

4. Rock Out

5. One Short Life

6. Buried Alive

7. English Rose

8. Back On The Chain

9. Heroes

10. Time Is Right

11. The Thousand Names Of God

Form the videos to the blog and of course the music, I think this will be the way bands sell their CD's in the future. Hey it worked for me, I previewed the album and went out and bought it (Ya.. but who am I kiddin', I would've bought it anyway).

Maybe I'll run a web poll to see which songs from 'Motörizer' you like the best and how they rank.


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