Friday, May 1, 2009

The 'OG' Sporty Newspaper Pic

Looky, looky... what do we have here.

I did a deep, deep search into the triple 'w' and low and behold there it was! This is the picture of the Motorheadster when she was just a baby.

This was the snap from the newspaper ad that set the gears in motion.

It was in my price range, black, had the right amount of chrome and the pipes were upgraded (why pay for new Vance & Hines or Screamin' Eagles if they come with the bike).

The only thing I wish the 'OG' had - spoked wheels.

Wow, I completely forgot about the windscreen! Ha!

Oh... and look at that, it still has the buck horn handle bars, forgot about those suckers as well.

Ace ♠

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