Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Transformation Page #5

The Speedometer

No matter where I go, the one thing (other than the paint scheme) people always ask me about is the placement of the speedometer. As I've mentioned (in the post 'Putting it All Together') I can't take any credit for the idea. However I haven't seen another side mount where the owner uses the stock gauge with all it's functions like mine.

You can see how I redirected the wiring harness from under the tank, along the neck and down to the speedo. Again, a few well placed zip ties (they seem to be the only thing holding my bike together now) and the cables are secure.

In this snap of the 'OG' Sporty you can see the front engine bolt where I attached the speedo. The coil is also still in it's original position.

I took this pic after I was out riding so the bracket is a little dirty. I had to notch the top of the bracket to make room for the signal, oil and neutral light bar indicator.

I took the speedometer off the bike and traced it's outline onto a piece of cardboard and used it as a template. Worked like charm!

(Click on the picture for a close up)

This side shot shows you where the speedo connects to the main wiring harness. Guess what, more zip ties. This time to hold the male and female connectors to the bracket. The new bracket is bent into a flat 'S' shape. I drilled two holes where it mounts to the engine (lengthwise side-by-side) to give me options when mounting it. Obviously I needed to drill a couple of holes to secure the speedo to the new bracket. I had marked them on the template and it fit like a glove.

This will show you how much clearance I have for my leg. There's tons of room, I have never hit the gauge and while I'm riding all I have to do is quickly glance down to check my speed.

These next couple of pics will give you an idea of what you would see if you were sitting in the seat.

I have used this picture above in another post ('The Motorheadster') but it gives you an idea of how everything has it's place. It looks a little congested but everything has its place. The choke is not obstructed, the coil hangs nicely of the engine mount and the speedo fits right in.

Wow, the 'OG' looks some what barren in comparison! Just wait until I chop off the rear end and turn it into a rigid.

Stay tuned... I'm hoping to get that done next winter.

Ace ♠

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