Sunday, May 3, 2009

Out for Rip on the Motördeadster

Post Update:

This could be the lamest post yet! I've taken a few shot at work about some of the cheesy stuff on the blog - but this video might just take the cake.

Why don't you be the judge. We'll vote on it, poor ratings and it's toast - good it'll stay.

Rate it between 1 to 10.

1 - the lamest thing on the net (I'd rather watch my Grandma brush her dentures).

10 - It's OK, just leave it. (We all think we're cool at some time in our lives, no matter how dorky our friends say we are)

Please cast your votes in the comment section - I'll leave it up for a couple of days and then I'll decide - if no one votes, it's stays because no one obviously cares.

Original post:
I realized I had my daughter's digital camera in my jacket when I was out for a short rip on the bike so I took a few snaps. I also shot a quick video. Nothing special, just me fooling around. It was a cool night so I had on a bandanna.

Like I said... nothing all that special just me out on the town scaring old ladies, setting off car alarms and making babies cry. That never gets old!

Ace ♠

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