Monday, May 11, 2009

Lower Legs Painted

As promised here are the snaps of the Motorheadster with her lower legs painted semi-gloss black.

In this close up you can see how close the blacks match.

'Frisco' all the way. That's a great shot.

I think I'll wash it before I take any more pics - she's disgusting!

Here's a good shot of the front end and the new gators. I love the way they look on this bike. On some of the Nightsters they look compressed, not so on the '98.

These two pics rate fairly high on my top five list.

However... I think this last picture is my favourite! This snap screams bobber... it's freak'n awesome!

(Next time I will stand just a little more to the left)



mike sewell said...

Just curious here-so, no back seat? Love the fuckin bike-got a real flat black post apocalyptic feel to it, just that with no back seat, no horny chick at a bar "Oh, I just LOVE motorcycles(in your case it might just be"OH FUCK YEAH, I love Motorhead AND Motorcycles-take this fine ass home"-sort of thing) point is...alas (or, no lass, ummm...) what's ur feelings on all dat? I see bikes like tht on occasion, I'm sure the riders have their reason;just thought I'd pester you for yours....

Ace said...

Hey Mike thanks for askin'. I do have a removable 'bitch seat' and as you observed it's not on the scoot now. When I take snaps of the bike, I like not having the seat on- it just looks cooler (no other reason). And yes, the chicks dig this bike, especially how loud it is. For a Sporty, it's rather surprising. Take care.