Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Transformation Page #4

License Plate Lights

In many cities like here, it's illegal to run a bike without an illuminated license plate. Because of the new location (from original position on the rear fender to the side mount), I needed to find a way to get some light on my plate. My solution, as usual, search eBay and see what's out there. That's where I found these Kapsco Moto license plate bolt lights.

I like the small, simple LED design and they were easy to install.

This is what the package looked like when it arrived.

First things first. I measured (11" long) and bent (at the 2 1/2" mark) the metal piece in the vice. I drilled a hole on the short side to attach it to the lower shock bolt and 2 holes mid-way down to attach the plate. I used the original license plate bracket from the fender and mounted it on the newly formed bracket.

(I'm trying to stay away from mentioning hole or drill bit sizes because every bike and fabrication project is different)

I bolted on each light and then ran the wires (with extra wire soldered on to both the red & black) in a dry run along the side of the bike and back up to the rear tail light harness under the seat.

The lights fit perfectly and look clean.

Once I knew I had enough wire I connected them and tested them. But I blew a fuse because I wired them incorrectly. I only had black wire and mixed up the positive and negative at the harness.

OK... You can stop laughing now.

Here's a snap of me pretending to be an electrician. Iron under the wire, heat it and then let the solder cover the strands. That's about all I remember from high school shop class.

I did have a concern that they might be too flimsy. But so far so good! They haven't budged and they do a good job of lighting up the plate.

And as you can see in this picture, they don't look out of place, just a couple of bolts on the top of the plate. The cost - $12.00 plus & 7.00 s & h, and $5.00 for the metal bracket (and there was enough left over to make the speedo bracket) a cheap fix that looks great.

Oh right... and a new .40 cent fuse.

Ace ♠

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