Saturday, February 13, 2010

Buzzed with W70

Check this guy out. He's a graphic artist and goes by the handle W70.

I'm lovin' the blade. This is just one of his many designs.

Dubya AKA: Shane Wiggins does it all from album art, T-shirts, to skateboards.

This design is SIC.

Yes... he also paints guitars.

His T's are sweet. Here's actor Jack Black wearing one of his designs.

This is one of his coolest in my HO. Hendrix & purple haze in all its glory.

He also does promotional products, buttons and yup, murals.

All right... all right! This pic is killing the Motörheadster

But c'mon, its Buzz Light Year man. "To infinity and beyond!"


Ace ♠


W70 said...

Motorheadster, many thanks for the post as well as the compliments about my work. I live, breathe, and sleep all that is creative, and I hope that shines through in all of my pieces. My primary goal is to inspire, motivate, anger, or infuriate the viewer. In essence, I want to create a genuine reaction with my art. Thank you for taking the time to promote my designs as well as spreading the word about W70!

Shane J. Wiggins - a.k.a. W70

Ace said...

Thanks Shane, given your talent... it's easy to promote your stuff!

I'll post more on your Flickr account.

Ace ♠