Monday, February 8, 2010

Mega-news for Megadeth

First it was the 'Eagles' getting back together (which lead to the subsequent 'Hell Freezes Over' tour), now Megadeth and their former bass player have buried the hatchet.

(Shawn Drover, Dave Mustaine, Chris Broderick & David Ellefson)

Dave Mustaine has made it official 02/08/2010, original bassist David Ellefson will rejoin the group for their upcoming tour.

Get this, the tour celebrates the 20th anniversary of "Rust In Peace" and will kick off in Spokane, Washington 03/01/2010. The boys will play the entire album during the month long swing.

So, I wonder what happened that made Mustaine change his mind about Ellefson. You may recall, Mustaine was asked (in 09/2009 on 'Friday Night Rocks') if he and David have settled their differences, Mustaine said... "Well, I forgave him, but I'll never play with him again".

You may also remember, Ellefson filed a law suit against Mustaine in 2004, a case in which he eventually lost.

Ahhh, here the boys are in much happier times. I wonder if they signed a pre-nup this time?

I mean, who thought Don Henley and Glen Frey would ever get back together. This case may have more to do with $$ than friendship.

I wonder if Dave's gonna forgive James & Lars? Is Kirk on his way out if he does? With Dave Mustaine at the helm... ya just never know.

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