Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mikkey Dee Interview

Mikkey Dee does his share of interviews, but his Q&A
sessions with reporters pales in comparison to Lemmy's
(understandably so).

Here's an interview Nitrox did with Mikkey, when the boys
rolled through Hamburg, Germany in December.

It is the prototypical interview with, again, another reporter who seems to know little about Mikkey and or the band. WTF is with these journalists? I'm of the opinion they seem to enjoy, or are in the lime light, too much and they all now seem more like lemons!

( Now & Then )

Whoa! I'm sure Mik is glad he left King Diamond... hair products now-a-days are wayyy more expensive.

The next gig for Mikkey & Motörhead will be at Stubb's in Austin, Texas on 03/16/2010. They'll be promoting the new film "Lemmy: The Movie". Can't frickin' wait!

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