Friday, February 5, 2010

World of Wheels... or World of Weird

Just some of the crazy $shit you see at car shows.

I swear I've spent the night in that camper. Or as Brad Pitt AKA: Mickey, in the movie 'Snatch' would say ... "Uh, parrinklblucaruvon" (A perry winkle blue caravan).

These snaps were taken at the World of Wheels Show in Pittsburgh Pa., 01/23/2010.

Whoa, right out of Mad Max.

That is sooooooo my old man.

There were also some sweet rides. Like this 1957 Chev Belair.

Love it... a 1933 Ford pickup.

A 1930 Ford model A, done just right (in my HO).

Or this 59' Olds Super 88. Snaps via: myrideisme.

And who says hot rodders don't pay it back. Check it, pin striping for charity.

Ace ♠

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