Monday, February 1, 2010

Loser Machine

Check it. While I was scannin' for parts I found a pretty cool biker / apparel / gear site. They're called Loser Machine.

They make some seriously rad helmets. Adrian Lopez is the man behind the scenes and he operates out of Oceanside, California.

Here's what one store selling LM merch. said about the shop and their wares:

"Loser Machine Co. is a fresh look in the scene of Southern California brands. A happier marriage between scumbag biker and SoCal Mexican, has never been made!"

Love the flannel lining, custom designed of course. It's washable & you get a Loser Machine sticker sheet as well, so you can customize your lid.

Ha! I guess that dude's nickname is bird brain?!?!

(pic via: Street Chopper Mag.)

They also produce a wicked line of clothing. I may need to break open the wallet for some of this swag... it's killer. Their slogan for their shirts: "Won't rot, even on the biggest scumbag"!

Speaking of killer, here's one of their machines. A lean & mean ol' shovel.

The boys entered the bike in the Grand National Roadster Show 01/29-31/2010.

Apparently skateboard decks are in the works as well. I must admit those bitches are sweet!

Ace ♠

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