Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kilby Deuce

Check it. I found this kick a$$ set of bars scouring the triple dub-ya.

The fabricator/designer is Kilby Deuce. I love it when I discover a builder who has decided to take the road less travelled. His stuff is innovative, trend setting and need-less to say... very frickin' cool!

Like these 8 Second bars. These one-of-a-kind beauties would make any scoot that much sweeter!

(Narrow 8's)

They also offer a slim & trim version called: Narrow 8's.

Details, details, details. Well crafted brass end caps.

Here they are installed (on a Sporty no-less).

OK, these are sweet! Dubbed, the 'Drag Up' bars. $185 (raw) $250 (ss)

How bout' the 'Stainless Steel Knuckle' @ $250.

These are absolutely killer!

The 'Double Downs' start at $125 (raw) $200 (ss).

The originality doesn't stop at bars. Kilby also offers an industrial themed license plate mount.

As well as fittings and bungs, fuel gauges, take mounting hardware and risers.

Here's some video tape Kilby took with his helmet & handle bar camera.

Wicked... I need one!

Ace ♠

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