Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sporty 48

The peanut is back... no not Charlie Brown & Snoopy, the Sportster peanut gas tank. Harley-Davidson unveiled it's '48'.... it's the newest bike in its Sportster line.

So, what's so different about the 48 compared to other bikes in H-D’s Dark Custom line, like the Nightster or Iron?

Well let's start with companies decision to bring back the 2.1 gallon peanut tank.

As you may know, H-D discontinued using the classically styled fuel cell back in 2007.

The other obvious difference, the meaty 16-inch black, laced steel front wheel. The tire sits in a new fork with wider triple clamps. I only need one word to describe it: bitchin'!

And check the bobbed fenders, a blacked-out engine, and fork mounted signals.

However, many Sportster purists will be pissed that the iconic eyebrow over the head lamp has been turfed in favour of a stand alone lamp.

I really dig the fact that the mirrors are under-mounted. Hm, wonder where they got that idea, the Motörheadster!?!?

H-D's Senior Director of Styling, Ray Drea says:

“The Forty-Eight model has a collective past life experience and broken-in look that is raw and authentic.”

Another new look that was lifted from custom bikes, the bars sweep back, for that hot rod-style.

The bike also has lowered rear suspension which puts the solo seat at 26 inches.

A lack of chrome means less cleaning, and the only chrome on the 48 is the exhaust.

caffine communications provided the pics.

Given the fact Sportys have made a strong resurgence in the market (which reflects the price point), I'm sure this new scoot will make an impact as well.

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Löst Jimmy said...

Very nice Sporty actually, I like it.