Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Goin' for Greenbacks

The boys went fishin' for Walleyes and didn't invite me. I'm not bitter... no, just really, really PISSED OFF!!

Check the preferred mode of transportation. Ya, that doesn't look like fun (dripping with sarcasm).

She looks frickin' cold on the lake.

Another fun mobile. Batman's Bat mobile looks like a fictional movie prop compared to these rigs. Oh yeah, it is... never mind.

Time to set up the hut.

And... ta da! Home sweet home, well for the next several hours anyway.

The boys look comfy cozy.

And for lunch... how bout' shrimp in butter sauce.

Yes! All that work was well worth it. It's all about the girth baby!

And of course, wobbly pops and whiskey to wrap up another successful day on the lake. And where was I... I was painting the basement that weekend. F&CK.

Ace ♠

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