Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mini Knuckle

C'mon... seriously, that's unbelievable! A 1/8 scale 1947 H-D knucklehead engine.

What's amazing is that the guy who built it, isn't a professional machinist. He's a retired field rep. for a Wisconsin power company.

Here's the motor put back together (so far) with the push rods, cam cover, intake manifold and carburetor all on and it works!

This is the work of Jerry Kieffer of DeForest, Wisconsin. All of his models are machined from bar stock. That's right, no castings are used.

Here's his first Harley model. This is a 1/6 scale version of his 47' Knuck. It runs and apparently sounds like the real deal! Check the full size spark plug next to the model. Jerry felt it was too big and decided to go smaller. Wow.

Here it is in the frame. Yep, that's an American quarter leaning against the rear portion of the frame.

Take a look at the springer front end Jerry machined for the bike. His dedication to detail is truly unsurpassed.

He's holding one of the model's laced, spoke wheels and pointing at the air valve with a ball point pen.

Jerry has also built a 1/8 scale John Deere tractor and a few steam and gas engines among other projects.

Here is Jerry's inspiration, his completely restored 1947 H-D Knuckle. He doesn't ride it because it has 0 (yes, zero) miles on it. You'd think a guy with his talent would be able to stop it from leaking oil.

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