Friday, March 12, 2010

Orange County Warbikes?

The Teuttuls of Orange County Choppers he is not, but he may soon become just as famous.

Ralph Randolph, pilot turned custom bike builder, has his own unique style, ability and talent when it comes to theme bikes & choppers. And like the Teuttuls he now has his own show.

Warbikes LLC announced the launch of a new online TV series entitled “WarBikesKick starting History”.

In each webisode Ralph & his team at Knockout Motorcycles in Mesa, Arizona research, design and build a custom motorcycle based on a historic American military aircraft.

The first custom bike built by Randolph, Gunfighter, is based on the Air Force’s legendary WWII-era P-51D Mustang fighter plane.

Similar to American Choppers or Biker Build Off, you can follow the weekly progress from inception to completion.

However unlike those shows, on Warbikes you can email or text the team members with questions and recommendations on the build.

New webisodes will be posted to the site every week.

Check it, a P-51 prop inspired wheel. Slick!

Ralph is a 12-year veteran pilot with a major commercial airline and knows his aircraft. As a custom bike builder, he has built themed motorcycles for companies like Snap-on Tools and Patron Tequila, and celebrities including Lorenzo Lamas and Matthew McConaughey.

You can also check out the WarBikes Facebook page for show updates, discussions, contests and additional information.

Here's a trailer for the show. Enjoy.

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