Monday, March 8, 2010

No Guts.. No Glory.

Aside from all the hot cougars... the other great thing about the recent Mötley Crüe concert (Dead of Winter tour) was the Aussie band, Airbourne.

They're a no-holds-barred, kick a$$ R&R band! Their new album /CD "No Guts. No Glory." hit shelves 03/09/2010 in Canucksville, (it's already available in the UK) and in the U.S. 04/20/2010.

There debut CD is called 'Runnin' Wild'. This new chunk of vinyl, is apparently cut from the same cloth. Drummer Ryan O'keefe says, this album is about quote: "standing up and goin' for it and being a man".

The boys worked with producer Johnny K in Chicago, and apparently recorded directly to analog tape. That's ol' skool!

Wow... here I thought I was one of the last of the ol' timers, who used TDK D90's.

These snaps were lifted from: Flickr FGR1986

Whether they're hangin' from the balcony or bangin' out tunes, there's a tougher element to the album, so to speak.

The boys decided to pull a Bruce Springsteen and actually sleep in the studio while making the album. Apparently Bruce and his E Street Band, are known to live in the studio until an album is completed.

Airbourne shot this vid for their last CD/album, and it features our hero Lemmy. It took me a matter of seconds to figure out, how and /or where, they'd use the Snaggletöothed wonder. Once you watch it, it makes perfect sense!

I love this poster promoting the band's website. F#%K ya, I'm ready to recharge!

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