Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cycle Boyz Deadly Tins

I can hear it now... "It's about frickin' time you profiled a local builder!" Ya, blow it out your a$$! These boys, as in Cycle Boyz Customs Inc., make me proud to be a Canucklehead!

And this is their finest creation (to date) in my HO. This, hotties & dirt bags is Master Deluxe... and it could be one of, if not the, baddest motha f#cka on two wheels. Honestly!

More on this bitchin' ride later... but first, here's why I'm writin' this post.

These tins (gas tank, fender and belt) belong to Cycle Boyz. They've commissioned David Lozeau (refer to: El Dia del los Muertos) to paint em'. He's of course known for his wicked 'Day of the Dead' art.

And this is what's gettin' slapped on the tank. This Viva Evel in a Day of the Dead/Guadalupe style. Sweet!

Dave told me it would make a great tattoo and guess what... someone got Evel ink. Dave also said he'd keep me posted on the tins progress, and I'll do a follow up post once he's made some progress.

Back to the award winning Deluxe. It was built in 2007, but I don't know if I've seen a sled with more attention detail, custom fabricated pieces, and killer style than this one.

(check the dice in the glass petcock fuel bowl)

This is just a tease, you've gotta' go to their site and check it out. You will not be disappointed. Glenn Roberts at Motorcycle Mojo Magazine penned an article on the scoot.

Here's some info on the Boyz from their site:

CB opened in 2003 and is a full custom motorcycle fab and repair shop. Founded by two brothers Brent & Derek Law, in their late twenties with one thing (and only one thing) in common, a passion for motorcycles and the lifestyle that goes with them.

They also have a full line of parts and swag.
I phuckin' love it.

And these velocity stack bells by CB are SIC! Production pieces cost $100 and custom orders will set you back $125.

If you're choppin' your tank for that slim Jim look, these one piece flat bottom tank tunnels will make the job that much easier. Made out of 14ga. cold rolled and "tough as hell and a pure joy to work with" (so the Boyz say) just $40.

Oh, and their craftsmanship doesn't stop there. How bout' a hand tooled leather seat. I know, I know... it's like phuck, these guys can do it all!

Some more casting pieces. Killer.

Finally, this is one of their latest creations. It's the Jazz 1981 H-D FXE.

That rim on the front is a pure labor of love. It has 328 holes. Hand drilled. Phuck!

Need more, check the Cycle Boyz blogosphere.

Love their motto:
At Cycle Boyz we truly believe that just one ride on the right bike with the right people can change a life forever. Just try it.

A motto may be cool, but a home made flame thrower (in a Sporty no-less) in the shop is wayyyyy cooler!

Ace ♠

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