Saturday, March 13, 2010

In Chop We Trust

The first time I came across Ardcore Choppers, I was looking for a rigid frame for my XS650 Yammy engine & subsequent ground up build

Let me just say... I was pleasantly surprised with my discovery. Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, Ardcore is the brainchild of Jon Ard, a certified Aerospace welder and licensed frame manufacturer.

Jon and his team are one a few (if not the first) to specialize in metric-only fabrication, specifically XS650 frames and parts.

The boys fabricate custom frames and components. There TIG-welded frames start at $900.

And if you're lucky enough, your project might turn out like this.

This SIC ride is dubbed 'Bad Penny'. She's a beauty!

Here's Jon with one version of 'Mother's Little Helper'.

Another kick a$$ custom bobber build from Ardcore. I'm lovin' the bars, springer front end Top Fool pipes.

Nate Spainhower (formerly of Sure Shots), handles the paint work for Jon.

He’s done a few Biker Build-Off paint jobs and his work can be seen all over the states (and won his share of awards for his work).

Here's how Nate spends his days.

These are absolutely sweet! F.U. handlebars. They're just one of the many custom designed parts, you can get your hands on at Ardcore.

They also have 3 styles of pipes for your XS650 build.

And don't miss their 'Bike-in-a-Box' offer. For more, you can go to the shop's blogosphere, Ardcore Choppers Blog.

This is Nate's Ardcore built, 'Wizard Sleeze'. For more Yama-bobbers, look here XS650 Choppers.

Just one last pic of Nate's bike, which was featured in GKM #9.

As Jon & the boys would say (they've emblazoned it on one of their T-shirts) 'In Chop We Trust'. Amen.
Ace ♠

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