Monday, March 1, 2010

Nice EFX

I've featured carolinadoug's work before, and every time I do, people can't help but comment on his pics.

Doug shot this custom circa 1950's Chevy through a fish eye lens. I know... I wasn't sure what the effect was, but I would never have guessed fish eye!

His camera work is top notch but it's the different effects and subtle changes in his set up in each awe inspiring image, that have you taking a double take, at each of his unique photos.

(shot at the Easyrider show in 01/2010)

This shovel chop/bob is frickin' killer! And I'm not just talkin' bout' the the photography (and overlying special effects). What caught my eye is the frame. Take a closer look and you'll see what I mean.

Ace ♠


Joyrides Art Co said...

The technique he uses looks to be what they call HDR photography. I've tried it but haven't had the success like he has. Still mess around with the technique. Pretty cool looking when it comes out right. Good Stuff.

Ace said...

Um... ya, I own a Kodak EasyShare 8 megapixel. I have no idea WTF any of this photo mumbo jumbo talk is M.

I may appreciate a well composed, framed and properly exposed pic, but that's as far as my photo expertise goes bud.

Thanks M