Thursday, March 11, 2010

Zero Sporty

This ain't your daddy's Sporty.

The folks across the pond at Zero Engineering have done it again. Yes, I know, these babies have been available for a little while and I've been living under a frickin' rock!

No need to wipe your shoes upon entering. Sorry, I digress... back to Zero.

Zero (as you may or may not know) offers production bikes as well as their custom masterpieces. Two of which, use a H-D Sportster 1200 power plant. The one above is called Type #7.

This beauty is dubbed Type #8. The main difference, the tanks and front ends.

The Eight tank is a hand made aluminum Mustang style tank. A real eye catcher. It also boasts a springer front end. Again built by Zero.

Type 7 has a traditional peanut style fuel cell and a hydraulic front end.

Both sleds offer a solo style, hand crafted leather seat. Very lean & clean.

They also offer a ton of parts including frames, switches and build kits in 4 different versions. Two frame kits and two roller kilts.

That goose neck frame is killer! This is Sporty frame kit #2, the Grand Poobah.

It includes: Frame, forks, wheels/tires, oil tank, battery box, solo seat, fuel tank, fenders, torque rod (brk), handlebars/risers, taillight, headlight, turn signals, break calipers and hangers, torque rod (brk), MSRP. Price $7,350 to $7,850.


One thing is for sure... ya won't look like a zero, ridin' one of these Zeros!

Ace ♠

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