Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rock & Roll Wrestling

Yep... I'm like you, I said... Rock & Roll Wrestling, WTF is that?

The Rock & Roll Wrestling Bash myspace page, describes it as quote:

"This rock n' roll musical is a symbiosis of Mexican wrestling, trash and hard boiled Rock n’ Roll sound.

The Trash Wrestling League G.T.W.A. (Galactic Trash Wrestling Alliance) in cooperation with The Wrestling Bash Orchestra, create a show which you have never seen before.

While the Wrestling Bash Orchestra are showing off their incredible musical power on stage, a wild bunch of Trash Wrestling characters, (dressed in their wicked wrestling garb) go berserk in the ring in front of the stage."

Sounds wicked! This photo doc is courtesy Dirk Behlau from Pixeleye. Check his flickr page for more great snaps. It's crazy $hit.

Even the ladies get involved. I also found this disclaimer at the bottom of the site which I thought you'd enjoy.

But: if you visit The Rock n Roll Wrestling Bash®, you do it on your own risk! The Rock n Roll Wrestling Bash® will not assume any liability for damage to property, physical injury or mental injuries!

Mental injuries!?!?!

I'll say this about R&R-W, if I do happen to go to an event, and this dude appears with a chainsaw... I'm frickin' runnin' for the nearest exit!

Ace ♠

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