Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ed's Art

The blogs title page was simple and to the point.

Ed's Art. Even though the picture in the header was that of a little boy (possibly his own or that of a client's), what lay beneath it, and hidden in previous posts, was outstanding.

This is the fine artwork of Edwin van der Veer. Sweet Knuckle!

I am presuming they're all oil on canvas. However, as for the size of each piece, when they were painted and/or where they're being sold or shown... I haven't a clue.

The title of the above painting is 'Gold'.

The "View My Complete Profile" section of his blog is blank. That being said, I really don't know a whole lot about Ed. I did a search on the triple-w, and came up empty.

Here's a cool Sporty portrait but in my HO, the pipes look a little wonky. I don't know about you but his style kinda' reminds of GTP's (George The Painter) work.

These two pieces (as far as examples go) are lifted from George's site.

These last two pieces are my faves from Ed. 'Sinners Prayer' is one pic I'd love to have hangin' on my wall.

Ace ♠

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