Saturday, March 27, 2010

COC Swag

The fe-mailman brought me an early Easter present.

A bunch of gratis stickers courtesy Church of Choppers.

A big MERCI, to Jeff Wright and the fine folks at COC & FTWCO..

Yes... they're sweet!

However, while I was pawing through my new found swag, I noticed a little piece of paper, tucked in with all the stickers.

Here's a closer look. It's an ad for a new website called The idea behind the site is simple. If you plant to take a trip on your scoot hit the site and do a little research on your destination. They're asking other bikers to submit their experiences (IE: which highway to take, where to stay, etc.) as well. What a great idea!

Thanks again COC & good luck with the new blog site. You can count on me to post the odd trip. Because every time I go trippin', I get a little odd ;)

Ace ♠

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