Monday, November 2, 2009

Steel Panther Hits #1

POST UPDATE: I had to re-post this because Steel Panther hit number #1 on Billboard's Comedy Chart.

Original post date Aug. 08/09

*WARNING - VIDEOS ARE EXPLICIT (and totally funny)*

Glam Metal to the max! Hair Metal personified! Comedic lyrics and parody rock-star thespians like no other. Meet 'Steel Panther'!

I swear I thought they were some kind'a SNL skit gone AWOL. I laughed my a$$ off the first time I heard these guys!

I mean seriously, just look at that pic!

I was expecting Will Ferrell to start yelling "More cowbell, more cowbell man!"

(Official site & videos - Explicit Content)

You have to watch their first two wickedly funny releases and a behind the scenes video which is also GOLD!!! Their new CD "Death to All But Metal" is due out the first week of October.

Here's a review of the bands new CD/Album on

Check out Erik Voake's Flickr steam of Steel Panther.

I think they sounds a bit like Quiet Riot, look like Poison, L.A. Guns, Winger, Hanoi Rocks and play a little like Mötley Crüe... or actually all of the above. Holy hair spray Batman!

Here's the band unplugged performing on a radio station.

Finally, a California glam metal (parody) band that knows their true place in music. On the comedy circuit tour and providing material for late night TV. Wow, did I just describe the Crüe!

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