Monday, November 30, 2009

Motörhead - Portsmouth & Hammersmith

I figured it was time to throw up some more Polaroids of the trio that's taking the UK by storm.

Snaps courtesy: Marc Broussely.

Sorry, but I never tire of that shot of Lemmy. You expect to see it mid-way through every show. It's as if he's about to say... "Loud enough for ya, mutha f%&kers!"

These were taken at the Motörhead gig at the Hammersmith Apollo, on 11/28/2009.

Here Lem is asking... "What the f%&k is Löst Jimmy doing in the balcony?" Sorry Jimmy, I'll blame that poke on writers block and the fact I was hurtin' for something witty to write... and the well was dry! Hopefully that poor attempt at humour on my part, will give you a chuckle and make you feel a little better ;)

The photo of these lovely ladies was taken by krish misty. They're of course with Girlschool... and below, The Damned.

This show was at the Portsmouth Guildhall, 11/25/2009.

That's not a usual pose for Phil... but given the company he keeps, he's certainly among friends with that salute.

Ace ♠

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