Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Lincolnshire Bombers

I've been schooled... and rightfully so. My bloggin' buddy, Löst Jimmy (who can outpost em' all) passed along the following Roller Derby info and it's the schnizzel ma nizzel. Check it.

That's right... Motörhead sponsors the Lincolnshire Bombers Roller Girls club! I ain't Shittin' ya! How cool is that!

Love it! Here's their mySpace page page. The girl's just celebrated their one year anniversary together.

Look at the ladies bookending the photo. These girls mean business.

As I mentioned to Jimmy, I don't know what it is about Roller Girls and why guys are drawn to these lovely ladies.

Maybe it's their association with hot rods, bobbers & choppers or their "Betty style" and tattooed body parts that makes them mysteriously attractive. Here's and article from a bbc news site on the team.

I don't know which of the ladies is the owner of this lovely tat, but apparently it began as a mere sketch and ended up as body art.

"My tattoo was designed by one of my team mates, Total Melfunction, and on seeing it for the first time Brut-Ali-T (another team mate) commented on how it looked just like me! So I got it tattooed."

Need more pixs, check these sites: big dings, flickr & liccle minx. Check their site for shirts and stickers... but that's not all they offer on their site.

They also offer cigarette lighters.

Hey... if Lemmy's puttin' bucks up for the club, you better offer him a light.
I'm sure Jack Daniel's "mini-bottles" won't be far behind.

Ace ♠


Löst Jimmy said...

Ace isn't that the coolest photo right up the top there?
Top Notch indeed

Anonymous said...

The Tat belongs to me...Synyster Motives #23
My tattoo andI was on stage with Motorhead last night!!!!

Melfunction said...

...and I'm Total Melfunction who designed it and was also rocking out with Motorhead last night! x

Ace said...

Thanks for commenting ladies. I'm hooked on the Bombers and I'll be following the team throughout the season. Good luck and drop me a comment anytime.

Anonymous said...

Shame none of em can skate...