Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Royalty is Coming to Canada

First it was Triumph. Then came Indian. Lately it was Saxon Motorcycles and now Canada has again authorized imports of Royal Enfield.

The classic RE hasn't been authorized for sale in the Great White North since 95'.

The new distributor is Bullet Motorcycles Ltd. of Edmonton. Bullet setup a new web site Enfield Motorcycles Canada promising motorcycles, accessories and dealers across the north.

That's just sweet! Here's's write up on the classic scoots.

As expected, those who love these old beauties have a great blog. You can check it here Royal Enfield motorcycles.

Ca-knuckle heads will be able to see the Royals at shows between 11/12/09 and 02/28/10.
Bloody hell, not those Royals!!!
However, God save the Queen is a righteous tune.
Ace ♠

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