Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rat Rods From Hell

While these Hot Rods may be wicked in their own right, it's the snapshots themselves that caught my pixel eye. All of the pics were taken at the Good Guys Car Show at the Charlotte Motor Speedway NC.

Some of these snaps were created by taking three shots, at 0 and +/-2ev and were combined in Photomatix and enhanced with Topaz Adjust. Artsy fartsy words for... Frickn' awesome!

If you want to check out more of photographers work, head here... Carolinadoug photostream on flickr.

Check it... a crazy chopped ol' skool bus from hell!

This last Rat Rod below is cool as schnizzel. Guess what, it's got a Hemi.

Look at the oglers, I can just imagine the conversation. "Vern, that grille ain't standard equipment. Ya, Bubba... yer wife's b**bs ain't neither!"

Ace ♠


Rob said...

Wicked cool rides. I would love to pick up my kid from school with that school crazy school bus.

Ace said...

No kiddn'. There was another pic of the interior and instead of straps for passangers to hang onto when they're standing, there's handcuffs fastened to the roof!
Hilarious! Enjoy the weekend Rob.