Friday, November 6, 2009

Motörhead Reunion & Brussels Snaps

I recently posted an article from the Belfast Telegraph, (Motörhead XLR) in which Andrew Johnston quizzed Lemmy about a possible reunion of the original three Snaggletöothed hellions. I didn't realize Lemmy's comments would create such a buzz in the bizz!

Here's the snip I'm refering to:

A constant spectre is the so called ‘classic’ line-up featuring guitarist ‘Fast’ Eddie Clarke and drummer 'Philthy Animal' Phil Taylor. But Lemmy has resisted calls to reunite the mob that recorded seminal metal masterpieces like Overkill, Bomber and Ace of Spades. “It wouldn’t be fair on these two,” he says. “These guys have played Ace of Spades a lot more times than Phil (Taylor) or Eddie did. We’ve been working too hard at this band now to put it on hold while I go f***ing around with the other two. I’m loyal. I was loyal to Phil and Eddie, too, until they weren’t loyal to me any more.”

Loyalty... that's ol' skool! The reader comments in the write up in blabbermouth are the reason I posted the quotes from Lem. Very interesting to say the least.
Here are the most recent pics from the Motörhead show at the Forest National in Brussels 11/05/09.

All pics from flickr page.

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