Friday, November 27, 2009

You can't Silence This

And now... the rest of the story. Her name is Rachel.

I introduced you to her as our Friday Hottie 11/27/09. Stands to reason, she certainly is that. And that's where the story should've ended, but as I eluded to in the original blog post... she ain't your typical FH.

This is the OG pic of Rachel I was going to publish (the calendar version). I thought the ad company hired a model for their promo shoot. But I couldn't find it in my computer. You see, at work I use a PC and I have a Mac & PC at my home and I couldn't remember where I stored her pic.

But I was determined to use it. And that's how I discovered what's behind those horned rimmed glasses and beneath all that body ink.

I searched for the pic again (obviously found it), and in the process I discovered that she is not a model (by profession anyway)... she works at Advanced Armament Corporation

They make silencers/weapon suppressors for all types of guns.

Wicked cool schnizzel ma nizzel! They have a dope blog as well.

Here are some pics of a AAC silencer testing shoot. That job wouldn't suck!

Back to Rachel. She doesn't sit behind the front desk, clean the shop, do the books or answer phones.

No, no, no.. my friends she's what you'd call the "real deal".

Here she is working at the EDM. She is also in some of the company product & demonstration videos. The author/writer of their blog also tries to include a page dedicated to Rachel because of the hits and demand from readers. Go figure.

She's also a welder by trade (here's a clean version of the calendar shot).

Oh and did I mention, she also works as a tattoo artist.

Now don't get me wrong... I ain't some kinda' inter-web stalker. I was simply intrigued by her hottieness and after finding out what and/or who she really is, I thought I'd write a post on her.

I mean, I ain't messin' with this chick... look at her f#@kin' gun!

Ace ♠


Anonymous said...

That's why the women I meet are never good enough. Because I know that girls like her EXIST. Damn you internet! *shaking fist*

Anonymous said...

It is worth mentioning that suppressors and suppressed weapons are legal in 39 US states.

Anonymous said...

she looks wonderful, would totally hold her hand

Anonymous said...

im in love...