Thursday, November 26, 2009

Just Horsin' Around

Here's a follow up to my post Nice... Camouflage Dress And Bikini Top to try and understand/explain why the lead guitarist for a kick a$$ band like Motörhead, would be caught in such an outfit.

Well, take a look. You guessed it Phil Campbell went from a camo-skirt and bikini top to an orange dress, blue hair and sunglasses... oh and of course he's riding a HORSE!! The guy holding the microphone is Chuck Billy, lead singer for Testament.

This crazy stunt took place during the last day of the Metal Masters Tour 09/05/08. I guess the boys (maybe they had a few too many Jack & Cokes) were just lookin' for some thing to do.

Oh... but Phil-is, wasn't the only Snaggletöothed member playing dress up. Here's Mikkey "We don't need no stinkin' metal" Dee, with a massive handlebar mustache and burro (ya, the kind you stand in and ride).

(Photo credit: Randy Maranz)

But we're not done yet... here's Motörhead clean up man, Lemmy Kilmister behind those shade with a broom, a smile and giving the thumbs up.

I have one question. Why is it always Phil dressing up like a woman? Is there somethin' you're net telling us Mr. Campbell?

Ace ♠

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