Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm Broken!

The Motörheadster's season is at an end, but it was a frickin' awesome one at that! However... it looks like I got some fixin' to do.

She's lookin' good here but if we take a closer look....

the right turn signal and fork boot (or gator) need repairin'. First the turn signal bracket.

As the saying goes... been there, done that (Making a new Front Turn Signal Bracket). Um, this time a thicker gauge steel will obviously be required.

I have no idea how I broke the friggn' thing... well snapped it clean off actually!

I noticed it some time in 09 of 2009. But instead of fixin' it, I just used some trusty ol' zip ties. Did the trick.

Now, to the torn gator.

I can only assume this happened over the summer months. I would tie a bandanna, around the lower legs at the bottom of the boots. Over time, I guess it was too tight and the gator wasn't able to recoil far enough and ripped.

And why would I do that you might ask. Well, if you're not runnin' a front fender you need somthin' to keep the rain out of your face, on those stormy rides. Worked like a charm... I called it my Bandanna Fender.

I'll just order another one from my local H-D dealer. Surprisingly, they're actually quite cheap, $14 a piece. I also need to get out the sewin' machine again.

My Sacchetto (Solo Bag & Sacchetto - Solo Bag #2) developed a rip in the front corner. That's right, I named my saddle bag. Hey if the Nash Bros. can name their $hit so can I.

The vinyl I used was quite thin, but I also should've double stitched the sides to add some strength to the seams.

The left strap also separated from the cover flap. I'm pretty sure that was my fault for reefin' on it one time too many.

I may just sew up another one... still got lot's of vinyl left.

At least I don't have to make another coil bracket. Think I'll paint er' though.

Ace ♠


Löst Jimmy said...

The bike looks amazing Ace; bloody amazing!

Ace said...

Merci. I'm certainly havin' fun and I can't believe the comments I get. She's a real head turner.