Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ninjas Hate Phil Campbell

Hey... not every blog post can be a positive, ringing endorsement of my favourite band. For example, the comments posted by pixelninja666 about this YouTube video of Phil's guitar solo during the concert at O2 Academy in Leeds. Yes, it seems unlike me not everyone is a Motörhead, or at least in this case, a Phil Campbell fan.

I'll save you the trouble of going to YouTube's site, here's what pixelninja666 wrote:

"I was there in Leeds, hes a good rythmn guitarist,,,,but he cant solo to save his life....sounds like a 14 year old in a guitar shop".

Now, I don't play guitar (frick, I can't carry a tune let-alone pick up a guitar or any other musical instrument for that matter) so I'm certainly not going to judge any ones musical ability. However I will say, his spelling leaves little to be desired because Phil is a lead guitarist not a rhythm guitarist.

And c'mon... a 14 year old in a music store?!?! Give your head a shake man.

Ace ♠

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