Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Museum of Death

To all my American friends and those Yankees who also claim an allegiance to Motörheadster Nation, Happy Thanksgiving!

So, why is there a pic of a huge skull attached to an iron rod fence on this festive occasion? Well, because during the Thanksgiving holidays statistics show hundreds of people will die on the roads this weekend, and it's described as one of the deadliest of the year.

So... I thought a trip to the Museum of Death would be in order. Never heard of it, me neither until a few days ago.

This place is some thin' else. Once you pass through the iron gates and go by the guillotine, a grisly tour through funeral procedures, celebrity murders, weird animals, and artwork of convicted criminals awaits.

Inside, there are tons of gory crime scene pics, including J.F.K.'s post-mortem photographs. And as you can see, there is also a plastic reconstruction of his head and how it would look after the magic bullet passed through it. Yeesh. I mean really, the photos would probably suffice... but to each his own.

There is also a series of serial killer paraphernalia, like John Wayne Gacy painting. Burn it... I say.

The museum, a brainchild of artists Cathee Shultz and J.D. Healy, is a macabre homage to death, murder and serial killings... but again I take no glee in glorifying John Wayne Gacy's artwork or his life of crime. He is a sick piece of motha f&%kin' $hit!

Here's how the Los Angeles Times described it.

Hm, that face (lower right) at the end of the hall looks familiar.

Yup, that's a painting of Charles Manson (minus the swastika between the eyes). Here's another article from All Things That Rock.

The Museum also has photos of the Charles Manson Crime Scenes as well as the Black Dahlia Murder scene.

From everything I've read, apparently the self administered tour is a weird and gruesome adventure with videos (actual autopsies, crime scenes and movies like the Traces of Death) playing in a number of the rooms.

Sound appetizing? Well, if you're up for the trip this Thanksgiving, I've found some music for the long ride to Hollywood... The Metal Museum, volumes 1-20.

Don't forget the turkey. Hm, dead bird, death metal and the Museum of Death... only in the good old U-S of A. All the more reasons to be thankful this holiday.

Ace ♠

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