Saturday, November 28, 2009

I Have PTDF (Pan to Die For) Syndrome

Pure, sweet, honey!

The owner of this incredible Pan is a buddy, of the guy who is taking the snaps.

The bike was shot at the old Fitzgerald, Ga Airport.

The owner's name is Whit and he rides one of the sickest scoots out there. Period!

There isn't a damn thing on this baby I'd change, O-K there is one... the TITLE!!

Pics via ringydingydo

Ace ♠


Dan said...

Hey! Nice to find my pics posted around sometimes. I enjoyed doing the shoot and the bike was beautiful. Thanks for including the link back to my flickr too. Dan aka Ringydingydo

Ace said...

You're welcome Dan. I always try and link back to the original post/photographer/writer. I mean who am I kiddin', I can't take pics like that, my readers would call me on it.

Ride hard, live fast FTW!