Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Brutal Legend On Store Shelves

I'm not a big video game guy but in my HO, if Lemmys involved... I'll support the cause! Brutal Legend is now out and we can start bashing and killing demons to some of the best metal tracks in the gaming world. \m/!

Dude... you're about to meet your maker! And by the looks of those feet, um, hoofs, your bucket head and anemic appearance... you probably came from a failed human/jack ass fertilization experiment in a petri dish left out in the sun a little too long!

Here's what had to say about the game and it's release.

Here, Jack Black aka: 'Eddie Riggs' and Tim Schafer creator of Brutal Legend, walk the streets of LA comparing their game to other new releases.


Ace ♠

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Löst Jimmy said...

Like you Ace I am not much on the Video Games front but this just looks so right. It's got all the Metal ingredients...

Thanks for the posting the Black and Schafer clip!