Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ultimate Poker Stories

I inadvertently deleted an email from the folks at Ultimate Bet thinking it was junk mail. I decided to retrieve it just to make sure I didn't miss anything.

Because I'm on their mailing list (who isn't?) they sent me a notice that I could get my advance copy of Phil Hellmuth's new book 'Deal Me In' from the Ultimate Bet Points Store.

It's also available through Phil Hellmuth's site

Phil gets twenty big name poker pros, like Daniel Negreanu, to spill the beans on how they turned pro. They also throw you a bone with the odd poker tip sprinkled amongst the pages here and there.

Phil Ivey is also featured in the book. Oh, will you look at that... I guess Phil wanted to make sure Hellmuth got his stories right. Or, he's a part time book editor on the side. Not!

Here's what had to say about Phil's book.

Talk about a big stack! She incites a whole new meaning to the term Po-ker!

Te He!

Ace ♠

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