Friday, October 23, 2009

Dirt Bag Challenge

This rally is dubbed the "Dirt Bag Challenge". It's held once a year in San Fransisco CA. The rules are simple: 1-month build time. No H-D's. 1k in cash for the build and you must be able to ride her. Love it!

The XS650 will always have a special place in my heart... and I'll need to make room for this little number. Sweet bars.

If you're a facebook freak, they've got a dirt bag page as well as a mySpace page.

Rat du jour. But it ain't gonna win because the rules state, no Harley's. These snaps are from sfmisfits flickr stream.

Tanks a lot!

Check this Ducati hard tail bobber. She's my choice! Here's an article from that really explains what it's all about.

As for this, um... thing? I guess it would be great in the winter, but how in the frick do you steer it? I Wonder if it won the challenge?

Ace ♠


Löst Jimmy said...

A fantastic post Ace

I must admit I do like that bike with the psychedelic green tank, hard to tell from the angle and size of the pic but what's that another Duke or looks like a bonnie engine to me?

I love those hard framed dirt babes

Have a good weekend

Ace said...

Merci, & you as well.
I believe you're absolutely right, I think both of those beauts are Bonnevilles (circa 68-70).