Friday, October 30, 2009

Sporty Speedo Brackets For Sale!

That's it... I'm going into business for myself. Look what I found on the Cyril Huze Blog 10/30/09.

The web site featured this post about a new Sporty speedo relocation bracket.

It looks pretty cool and is built by Kundratic Kustoms. Cost $124.00 (plus s&h and applicable taxes).

However, according to some of the reader's comments on the blog, reviews are mixed. They didn't like the raw metal look... nor did they like the overall position of the speedo.

Well, I have the perfect solution for those disgruntled Sporty owners looking for a relocation bracket that, in my HO, will satisfy all their needs!

This is my speedometer relocation bracket. I designed it and fabricated it. It's a single piece of metal cut & bent into a "Z" shape. It attaches to the front of the engine (as depicted in the photos below).

This is what it looks like when you're sitting on the bike. My design allows you to keep your OG speedo in it's housing (all the gauges and lights work as per usual) and you can see/read your gauges without turning your head sideways.

The gauge cable is rerouted onto the bracket (and held in place with zip ties). The bracket is also notched to allow the speedo to fit snug and even.

Lot's of room to change plugs... I've never hit it with my leg and I love it! Here's the original post 'Transformation Page #5' I wrote when I made the bracket.

I haven't figured out a price, I haven't set up a store/page/link yet but... details, details!

Oh, I may even offer a front signal relocation bracket as well! Um, I also need a name for my shop. Hm, 'Ace Metal Werks', 'Ace Speed Shop', I'll figure something out.

Ace ♠

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Löst Jimmy said...

Having browsed back to the 'transformation' page this is this first time I have had a good look at your bike, a beauty made perfect with the Motorhead tank!

The speedo bracket idea sits neatly right there - great job